Buffalo Police warn of cop impersonator

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The Buffalo Police Department is warning residents of a person attempting to impersonate a police officer.

According to the BPD Facebook page, on Dec. 28, a motorist was pulled over near Mercy Hospital by a dark colored SUV, possibly a Ford Escape.

The vehicle appeared to have blue lights and a siren.

A white male in his early to mid 30s, 200 lbs., with a full beard approached the vehicle with a badge around his neck.

Police in the state of New York only flash red and white lights on the front of their vehicle. If you see blue lights, that could indicate a volunteer firefighter vehicle. Drivers should yield to them, but not get pulled over.

Capt. Jeff Rinaldo said drivers have other rights as well.

“If a motorist is stopped by somebody that is in plain clothes, and not readily identifiable as a police officer, they can always request that that officer has a market unit respond to that location, so that they can verify that person is a police officer,” Rinaldo said. “They can also request that a supervisor respond to the traffic stop.”

Anyone who encounters the individual is asked to call 911 and have a marked unit respond to their location.