U.S. Postal Carriers fight brutally cold temperatures on the job

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — For Frank Franklin, delivering mail in bitter cold temperatures is nothing he hasn’t done before.

“This is my 15th winter so you know not my first rodeo. I’ve been doing it for 15 years and each year I add a little more to my arsenal of winter clothing,” said Frank Franklin, U.S. Postal Carrier.

But even though he has plenty of layers and plenty of experience, staying warm in single digit temperatures still doesn’t get easier.

“I have a base layer and then my work pants and a pair of wind pants over on top of that. It helps that I’m constantly moving to keep my legs moving and warm,” said Franklin.

Frank says all of the extra layers slow him down, as he walks up sidewalks from one house to the next.

“I have about 700 stops I should be out here until probably after 5 today,” said Franklin.

Blowing snow makes it tough to see, but Frank found a way around that.

“I incorporated ski goggles a couple years ago when I worked in 2 blizzards and it helps me stay warm and be able to see where I’m going,” said Franklin.

But even on a brutally cold day like today, Frank says he still feels the warmth from the city of good neighbors.

“Constantly they’ll say you want a coffee mailman, or do you want to come in and warm up. I’ve had people come out while I’m stuck in my mail truck and I’ve actually had someone come out and push me,” said Franklin.

One thing that never changes though no matter what time of year, “The dogs really don’t like us for some reason,” said Franklin.