Buffalo’s Best Chicken Finger Sub: Capozzi’s Pizzeria

GOWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – Another week of polling is in the books, and thousands of Western New Yorkers have once again weighed in online to declare a winner for Buffalo’s Best.

The place that serves up Buffalo’s Best Chicken Finger Sub, according to this week’s poll, is Capozzi’s Pizzeria in Gowanda.

“They love them,” said Kristin Capozzi-Lay. “I get stopped all the time by people saying, Where’s my sub? Usually it’s the chicken tender sub that they request.”

Capozzi-Lay’s parents opened Capozzi’s Pizzeria 35 years ago, and the family-owned business continues to serve up fantastic food for take out and delivery.

The crew takes a lot of pride in each ingredient used, not skimping on quality for anything used in the famous chicken tender sub.

“We use our fresh lettuce; we use fresh tomatoes, onions; we use Costanzo’s rolls; the real blue cheese; we make our own ranch; good mayo,” Capozzi-Lay explained, when asked what set her restaurant’s chicken finger subs apart.

Of course, to become Buffalo’s Best Chicken Finger Sub, they have to use good chicken too. Capozzi’s only uses large tenders of 100 percent breast meat, with fritter-style breading for a nice crunch.

Capozzi’s goes through about 800 pounds of chicken tenders every week!

Every chicken tender sub gets a large portion of chicken, bathed in a sauce of the customer’s choice, whether that’s the classic Buffalo sauce, the honey-mustard based Rochester sauce, or the signature Capozzi’s sauce that really gets your mouth watering. “It is a sweeter, thicker sauce,” Capozzi-Lay explained. “Fan favorite for the chicken finger subs, absolutely.”

All of the sauces are made from scratch in the Capozzi’s kitchen. “We always tell people we made it with love, and everything’s better when you home make it,” Capozzi-Lay told News 4.

Capozzi-Lay says that commitment keeps customers coming back from more. And Capozzi’s fans voted in big numbers to give the Gowanda staple the Buffalo’s Best title this week.

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If you’d like to try their famous Chicken Finger Sub for yourself, Capozzi’s Pizzeria is open seven days a week. The hours are 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. They stay open until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

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