Buffalo withholds crime details on online site

The Buffalo Police Department offers a way for people to go online and check crimes in the neighborhood. But if you're looking for specifics about a crime you won't find it on Buffalo's mapping website.…
coffee caffeine

Coffee prices perking up

CNN— The caffeine may not be the only jolt you get from your morning cup of coffee.

Prices have doubled since late last year because of a severe drought in brazil, t

Hamburg Crash

Woman struck on Camp Rd in Hamburg dies

Hamburg Police say Jacqueline Dotzler, who was struck late Monday night at Camp Road and Rt. 20, passed away on Thursday from her injuries.…

Sharpton may protest Astorino’s NY campaign

Republican candidate Rob Astorino's campaign for governor may soon be dogged with protests about his housing desegregation dispute with the federal government.…
jean stanton

Mom of three admits plot to kill mother-in-law

Jean Stanton, a mother of three, began plotting her mother-in-law's murder last February, when she said to her mechanic, "God I wish she [her mother-in-law] would just disappear." The 29-year-old says the man claimed he could make it happen.…
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$1.4M in grants to land trusts in NY

Conservation officials announced Thursday they have awarded $1.4 million in grants to 50 nonprofit land trusts around the state.…
FILE- In this Dec. 17, 1993 file photo, accused Long Island Railroad gunman Colin Ferguson, center, is led into a courtroom by officers for a procedural hearing at the Nassau County Court House in Uniondale, N.Y. On Dec. 7, 1993, Ferguson opened fire in a crowded Long Island Railroad commuter train. Six people died and 19 were iwounded in the melee. (AP Photo/Mike Albans, File)

Court: Train killer attempted to start riot at Attica

A corrections officer reported hearing him encouraging others to riot and use weapons to kill guards on Sept. 11, 2011, at Attica prison in western New York. He was found guilty at a disciplinary hearing and appealed. His initial penalty was 18 months' confinement in special housing and loss of privileges, with confinement later cut in half.…

Judge OKs partial release of Attica riot papers

A New York judge approved public disclosure Thursday of two remaining volumes from an investigation into the 1971 Attica prison riot and aftermath, but he excluded grand jury excerpts.…