It’s back to summery weather

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It’s not just the heat, but the humidity will be a big player this week. Most spots will be rainfree today, however a few isolated raindrops…

truck roll

Truck jumps embankment of I-190

The truck was driving down Niagara Street when witnesses say the driver speed up before going over the guardrail eventually crashing onto th…


Irish summer fun at RiverWorks

The Buffalo Irish Festival caps off the highly successful Guinness Concert Series, both being held at RiverWorks.

Word of the Year

New words in the dictionary? Awesomesauce!

(CNN) — New words! In the Oxford dictionary! So exciting! If there were only a word to describe just how exciting. Wait, there is … it’s on …


ATV driver arrested for DWI

Further investigation revealed two prior DWI convictions making this arrest a class D Felony.