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Switchboard Phone: 716-874-4410

Newsroom Phone: 716-876-7333 or (800) 794-3687 or Fax: 716-874-8173

Have a tip for News 4 Investigates? Call: 716-879-4TIP (716-879-4847) or

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Captioning Concerns

Individuals with disabilities may contact the captioning hotline or speak with our station representative for assistance with the public inspection file.

WIVB Captioning Hotline: 716-879-4911
Station Representative: John Carroll, 716-879-4845

Concerns about our closed captioning?
For immediate concerns contact us at
Phone: 716-879-4911
Fax: 716-879-4912

To file a formal complaint about our captioning, contact:

U.S. Mail: One West Exchange Street, Suite 5A Providence, RI 02903

WIVB-TV FCC Public Files may be located:

FCC Public File
EEO Report
Children’s Television Programming Reports Form 398