ralph wilson stadium snow

Bills game didn’t have to be moved due to Snowvember snow after all

When seven feet of snow fell on Ralph Wilson Stadium in November of 2014, five days before the team was to host the Jets, no one really expe…

Storm Baby Lucy Grace

Fire house baby Grace 1 year after “Snowvember” birth

Mom and dad are unshakable people of great faith, who are proud to say they put their lives in the hands of the Lord.

central terminal

Snowvember: A look back before looking ahead

Meteorologists prepared Western New York for a big storm, but no one expected an ‘epic’ event that dumped 7 feet of snow in some areas.


Army Paratrooper traveled to Buffalo to help, but lost his life fighting Snowvember storm

Snowvember brings up painful memories for many local families. Robert Cedar traveled from Bradford, Pennsylvania to help, but unfortunately …

nov 18

FULL VIDEO: Snowvember storm one year later, a News 4 special

News 4 remembers those who struggled, survived and more in one of the harshest storms in recent memory in the 1-hour special.